Sexy stories

Naughty desire

An innocent desire became truth. As stepmother of 2 stepchildren both have grown up by now. Stepdaughter Zoey 22 and stepson Bryan 18.
I myself have 44 dark blond long hair. Nice firm buttocks and good chest 90d should not complain about my appearance. During my marriage I neglected enough so I started to pay more and more attention to myself and wanted to enjoy life.

I started exercising more and after almost a year of losing weight I decided to have my breasts enlarged because I wanted to stay young and sexy.
At the age of 35 I divorced my then partner and took over the care of the children. Zoey studied and sat in rooms for a long time. Every now and then she comes to stay with her boyfriend in the weekends and we have a great time as a family.

Bryan still lives at home and because of the housing market it will stay that way for the time being. Bryan has a nice girlfriend since a year and she practically lives with me.

I’m not really happy in love and I write sex in very small print. From my girlfriend I got a vibrator as a trifle, but also 1 of 23cm. To be honest sometimes it’s really a pleasure when I’m in the shower and stick that big cock on the wall and fill myself with that fake dick. But it’s still different.

The reason I tell you about this is because me and my stepson were obliged by Corona to stay at home. For 2 weeks he was not allowed to see his girlfriend and as time passed I began to realize more and more that he was spying on me.
I was angry when I noticed that he had hidden a spycam in the bathroom and I knew that he had seen me fucking myself with a fake dick.
But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that he probably got excited by the image that his mom was missing something.

The forged plan came in the morning at breakfast when I wanted to order new lingerie on my laptop via Victoria Secret. When Bryan came downstairs in a single robe my eye immediately caught his enormous odol. I felt slightly excited because secretly I wanted to see that boy’s cock. The question was whether he might have been just as created as his father used to be.
When Bryan soon noticed that I wanted to buy sexy lingerie he started blushing and stutteringly said that I was too old for that.

The next day my package was delivered and I unpacked it. To continue the plan I left the lingerie on the kitchen table. I too had hidden a camera and while I was upstairs I saw Bryan sitting at the table in his tracksuit. Not much later he grabbed my lingerie and sat looking carefully. With the cards still on he could immediately see which cup I had and not much later he started to smell the little thong. With one hand in his pants I could clearly see that the poor wretch was tearing himself. When he was almost finished he pulled down his pants and I could also see his dick. Pecker! Just call it a very nice cock. I saw Bryan throwing away the panties and see him coming over his belly and chest. Lovely thick rays of semen were dropping from his chest over his belly and cock. I couldn’t hold it anymore and in the meantime I was fingering and sucking my dildo until I groaned.

When it was time for dinner I set the table and unsuspectingly I asked if he had been on the package because it was different. Blushing he reacted and told me that he thought it was horny and that he liked it very much. Definitely worth buying for his girlfriend.
After a lot of ambiguous questions and driving him crazy by exposing my breasts a bit more I clearly noticed that he was interested in my body.
That day I had become so horny from all the discoveries that I wanted nothing more than a nice warm cock in my body.