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The visit of a family member from the USA. brought an unexpected turnaround in my life. I was just 50 years old and due to surgery my husband was impotent. He didn’t even get a decent erection anymore, let alone that he could fulfill my mindwriting. He couldn’t do it anymore and it was Amen and out. At the slightest attempt on his part when he saw me in lingerie or naked I would bark at him every time saying “stop but you can’t do anything anymore. ! “I missed my sex pleasure; although I often saw horny men who wanted to approach me and were fond of my body.

My life changed when a relative of my husband’s from the USA came to visit me. He was single and of our old age and it was planned that he would stay with us for a week to visit the country. We picked him up at the airport and he was very charming and warm-hearted. He complimented me on my outfit and said flatteringly that I reminded him of Maryleen Monroe. I was his guide during that week and took him by car to what he wanted to visit. A visit to an opera and variety was not too bad for him and when he told me that he loves to dance we went to the disco one evening and I felt very happy with him and when he suggested that I wanted to be his guide during that whole month when he visited Europe.

I eagerly accepted that proposal and what I hadn’t even thought of said my husband “Haven’t you seen that yet that man is crazy about you and walks to you with his pants full of appetite”. From that moment on that thought sometimes came to me but then I rejected it. Our first trip abroad I proposed Vienna, a city I know quite well and I knew a cozy little hotel in the center of the city. Of course I planned a concert there, and he immediately agreed to give me a present out of gratitude. Together with me he went to a top location and chose a beautiful soiree at the recommendation of the owner of the place. He insisted on a matching lingerie set. I gave him a look when I had to fit everything and when I posed in the frivolous lingerie set he told me I looked sexy. In the beautiful Wiener theater I experienced a fairy tale evening.

All those beautiful toilets and ladies.Mat an arm around my lumbar he guided me in that mundane happening and during the performance he repeatedly grabbed one of my hands and looked me deep in the eyes.At that moment I started to think that that man was longing for me it could hardly be otherwise. After the performance close together in a cab back to our hotel where we were enjoying a nice glass of champagne in the bar. I was sitting on a bar stool and he came up against me. Like magnets attracted to each other our lips finally found each other in a minute of tongue kissing. Spontaneously he whispered to me that he wanted to see me in lingerie that night. I clearly saw his manly desire and I felt mind-numbingly longing for that man.

It became an evening and night on never to forget. Fond of longing, he admired me in lingerie that he took off little by little. With a cry of admiration he saw my wet pussy with open labia. Divinely he licked me and played me like a unique “lover” I had never had before. That heavenly foreplay ended of course in bed where we made love with our naked bodies intertwined, intensely fucked and took turns riding each other. The further days and nights of our journey were a repetition of pleasure like I had never known before.
How it ended I will tell you next time but I want to tell you that we are together now and can’t live without each other !

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