My stepmother seduced

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I lived alone in a terraced house within cycling distance of my parents. That is why my stepmother sometimes came for coffee on Saturdays. When she came again, I was pretty horny and decided to try something with my stepmother. But how was I supposed to do it?
She always called in advance to see if I was home, then I took a quick shower and came up with a horny plan.

When she was there I poured 2 glasses of red wine and said, this wine is nice mom, you should taste it. She rarely drank alcohol and thought a few glasses would loosen her up a bit. Well she said after one glass, the wine is indeed good, but also strong. So, I’ll just pour another glass. Well, she said, I don’t know, I have to go home on my bike and then I have to be sober. Well, you can lie down for a while and then go home a bit later, right?

After talking about the daily things and the second glass was empty, I poured a third. I already noticed that the alcohol did its job, she was giggling a bit and had red cheeks. Mom, I said. I’ve wanted to ask you something for a long time, but I don’t really dare. Why not, boy, what is it? Well, I want to tell you, but you’ll have to wear a blindfold or I’ll be embarrassed. And you can’t ask me anything without me being done talking, that’s okay. Well, she said, go ahead. I had some of those eye caps and put them on her so she couldn’t see anything.

I closed the curtains and grabbed her hand, get up, I said. She walked with me to the kitchen table and I sat down on a kitchen chair. I pulled her towards me and said: come sit on my lap, with your hands on my shoulders and I lifted up her wide skirt and she came to sit on my lap. What is all this now, she asked? SSSttttt, don’t say anything ma. Listen, did you ever find stains in your underwear when I was a teenager? What, seed stains you mean? Yes, I said. Not that I remember, she said, why? Well, I’ve often fantasized about getting into your panties, but never really dared. Now that I’m an adult I often think about it and would still like it if you let me spray in your panties for once. She wanted to say something, but I said: would you like it for once, mom? You don’t have to answer, get up. She did and I quickly took off my pants and stood naked in front of her, she couldn’t see me.

My cock was already stiff and very nervous. I pushed her backwards until she stood with her back against the back of the leather couch and came to stand in front of her. Again I put her hands on my shoulders and lifted up her skirt. She allowed everything and started to breathe a little heavier. Boy anyway, she said. I went over her crotch with my stiff dick and made fucking movements against her pussy. I started to get wet and put her panties down a little bit. Now I stuck my dick in her panties, against her groove and started to ride. Because of my precum her labia got wet and it was getting nicer and nicer. Just let me get so horny, mom, I’ll be right there. I felt that she also started to get wet and really started to ride over my dick. Mmmm, that went so well. Meanwhile I grabbed her breasts from the front and massaged her through the fabric of her dress. She got horny from my fuss and I asked her to turn around. She almost stood upright against the couch, with her hands on the railing. I went back with my dick in her panties between her labia and she started to ride. Nice boy, she said. What are you doing to me? I kneaded from behind her tits and asked if she wanted to be fucked. It’s not good, but we have gone too far anyway, so grab me. Still with the eye cups on I took her to the couch and put her back. I took off her panties, skirt up but I left her leather boots on, I thought that was so horny.

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